Friday, March 13, 2009

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Funny Sentence xD

I ran over a squirrel on your car because thats how I roll.

My ideal spring break

I really have absolutely nothing planned for my spring break. Hopefully someone will call me to do something. My main reason for writing is to tell about my ideal spring break, which would be me and a couple of friends going to Miami, Florida. Reason being, I love the warm/hot weather, and I have not been swimming since last summer. The trip up there would be really fun also.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alphabet Story

A while back there was a man who had always dreamed of becoming wealthy.

Becoming rich would not come easy. He thought there was such thing as "get rich quick". So he tried one of those programs. The only thing that did was move him further away from his goal. The man was only 18 and about to graduate. So the next thing he did was unpredictable.

College seemed like the thing to do. He went to Texas Tech as an orthopedic surgeon.

During those eight years of strict training and studying his family knew the difficulty he was going through. So he was rewarded with a new Dodge Ram truck.

Every once in a while he questioned himself about the whole college deal. Little did he know he was on his way to living his dream. He then graduated and received his degree.

From then on his confidence had gone up. He was making sixty dollars an hour to start out with.

The Great pay gave him a lot of spare time.

e then began to vegetate. After all he had worked really hard in achieving such a great job.

If your wondering where he was living it was a descent apartment in the middle of Dallas, Texas. It was actually pretty smart if you think about it. His family had paid off his truck already so he was good to go on transportation, and the apartment was only costing about $500 per month. He was even closer to becoming wealthy.

Just as he thought it was going well something very unfortunate happened.

Kim, one of his friends from high school had died in a car wreck.

ife seemed like it had gone down the drain.That was one of his best friends he had ever had in his whole life.

ourning for her was very sad. He could'nt believe what had happened

othing ever would be the same he thought. After five years he accepted the fact and went on with his goal.

ne thing that kept him going was his persistence.

ersistence was the key to becoming successful. He remembered his father saying those exact words when he was a young boy. It was no lie though.

uickly he started getting raises and becoming more powerful. About seven years later he became the top surgeon. He then began to become a very well known surgeon. His chances of becoming a billionaire were bleak. Until one day something bizarre happened to him.

emembering his email address, he quickly checked it. A man named Red Foreman, (former billionaire) needed a surgery from his skiing accident, and was on his way from Denver Colorado.

omehow the man had a heart attack right before he hit the tree which made the accident even worse. No one thought he would live

he man was so satisfied with his elegant efforts. He rewarded him with half of all the money he had.

nity was formed from that day on.

The Very next year the surgeon retired.

hen he received his last check he topped out at 1 billion dollars.

The Xerox helped him copy all his financial information.

The Yellow paper showed his achievement of reaching his goal.

As Zany as it sounds the aftermath of all the money wound up being spent on a mansion, yatch, Lamborghini Diablo, and a gazebo.

to be continued... eventually....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Through the eyes of a dog

My name is Spot. I am the smartest type of dog, which would be a lab. I live in a dog pin somewhere in Texas. Most of the time it is really boring. I mean I cant really complain much since I get free food and have such nice human friends. Since they are so nice they let me out of my pin to roam the world. So one day I decided to go further than my usual route and go just a little further. Along the way I chased a couple of cars and small varmints. I finally got to the point where I was pretty sure I was lost. I decided since it was getting dark I should probably just stay where I was and wait till sunrise. All of a sudden I heard a ferocious growl. Me being the brave dog I was barked back. Then I saw a giant kitty! He was just as big as me. So I stood my ground and he began to get closer. I then saw him as an enemy. The giant cat was then mauling me. I started to fight back. I began to think it was over but I kept trying. By the end of the fight I had injured my front right leg. I really did'nt think that I was going to make it by sunrise. I was left with no choice except to find my way at night. So i started along the trail that my senses told me to follow. I then saw a dog of some kind. Except it was grey and mangy. It almost looked like a thing called a coyote that my human fried had hunted before. He turned around and look at me and walked over. I dont know how he knew but he asked me if I needed directions. So of course I said yes. After he told me the directions he asked me why I was limping. When I told him he looked shocked. He said that I had just beat a mountain lion. Well at least I have something new to tell the other dogs if I ever made it home. The coyotes directions were almost exact. They led me right into a familiar canyon. I then knew nothing could stop me. I saw my home! I was so excited. My human friend then saw that I was hurting. But of course being the good human he was he took me to a place called the Vat ... or maybe it was Vet, something along those lines. That night when I got back I told my other three dog freinds all about it. My best dog freind Cookie asked me if I had learned a lesson from this experience. I replied yes... DONT ever go past the canyon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas rewrite

The best part of my Christmas is going out to my grandparents and getting to see all of my uncles and cousins. The tradition is just going out there for dinner and riding four-wheelers. My favorite gift is probably money, therefore I can get everything I want and not get something I really didn't want. This year I'm thinking about using money on a four-wheeler of my own or fix up my pickup even more. I would prefer to get enough money for a four-wheeler though.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is paintball. There are many reasons I love it. I mean you get to use guns, be outdoors, and best of all you get to shoot your friends. Most of the time we usually play at my house or we play at Ken Neighbors down the highway. As you know all sports have rules. The main rule is the velocity setting. If your gun is shooting over three hundred feet per second you will probably hurt someone. The way we play is if you get hit two times any where your out. If the ball does not bust it does not count. Another thing, if your going to play you will probably want to wear camo. If you choose not to wear camo you will probably be spotted and get knocked out of the round pretty fast. Paintball can get very expensive depending on how much you play. We usually play once every two weeks. The best time I've ever had in paintball was when me and Andrew charged up the hill as soon as the horn blew. We ran up the hill and got behind them without any of them seing us. I think that was the game where I hit Brice in the neck. It turned out to be one of the best times I've ever had in paintball.